A Review of the PRPA Zero Net Carbon Portfolio


Bison and Wind Turbines in WyomingIn the fall of 2017, Catalyst Cooperative was engaged by climate advocates to perform a rapid review of the Platte River Power Authority’s Zero Net Carbon Portfolio Analysis. The PRPA ZNC report was released to the public on December 7th, and we delivered our final report on December 18th.


Heat Rate Calculation for EIA Generators

Catalyst is pulling together an estimate of the marginal cost of electricity (MCOE) for every natural gas and coal fired power plant in the US whose data we can get our hands on. We’re using data from the EIA 923, EIA 860, and FERC Form 1 to do it.  Getting the heat rate right for each generator is an important part of this calculation, but a lot of the required data is… not perfect. Here’s how we’re working through it.