We Set Energy Data Free

Public energy data is too hard to access, especially for people working in the public interest. We created Catalyst to help more people bring data and analysis to the fight for clean energy and a stable climate.

The Public Utility Data Liberation Project

Our core project is an open source data pipeline that automatically cleans, integrates, validates, and publishes US energy data. It includes a vast array of valuable information from agencies like EIA and FERC which are hard to analyze in bulk without extensive preparation.

Hire Us for Custom Data & Analysis

We work with clean energy advocates, environmental non-profits, researchers, journalists and others to compile custom datasets and analyses using public data. Then we integrate the new data and analyses into the underlying platform so it’s available to everyone! See some of our past projects and partnerships.

We Are Committed to Open Source & Open Data

We believe that public data should be usable by the public. Our work is permissively licensed for use by anyone for any purpose. Our software is published under the MIT license, and our data uses the Creative Commons Attribution License v4.0.