Support the PUDL Project

Our Public Utility Data Liberation (PUDL) Project takes information that’s already publicly available, and makes it publicly usable, by cleaning, standardizing, and cross-linking utility data from different sources in a single resource. PUDL is free and open source, providing any user (with 8 GB of memory and 100 GB of free disk space!) with ready access to power sector data from EIA, EPA, and FERC. It’s the way our public data ought to be: a public good. If this public good we’ve created has proved useful to you or your organization, please help support the ongoing viability of the PUDL project by making a recurring contribution.

This resource is the result of years worth of work and countless hours of volunteer contributions. We at Catalyst believe in this work and in the power of open data to motivate public policy, shift public conversation, and advance public understanding about the US electricity system. If you share this belief in the power of open data to transform our electricity system, please support the PUDL project making a recurring contribution.