Hire Catalyst

Whether supplementing the skillsets of your in-house data team, providing foundational data inputs for your analyses, or building complete data products from start to finish, our team is excited to support reproducible and data-informed energy analysis.

Our Services

Data Engineering

  • Building custom data pipelines and architecture for data products.
  • Integrating new data in bulk and preparing it for analytical use by your in-house team. Public data is our priority and preference, but we work with proprietary data as well.
  • Combining multiple related (and likely conflicting) datasets into a coherent whole (single source of truth)
  • Extracting data from difficult formats such as scanned PDFs, XBRL, or obsolete databases
  • Upgrading existing code with software best practices like automated testing, CI/CD, version control, and shareable cloud storage.
  • Web scraping, including data protected by logins or buried in web apps.
  • Sharing data with access and privacy controls to the desired recipients, ranging from a handful of staff to a whole organization, select external partners, or the public.

Data Analysis

  • Connecting datasets that do not share a common ID (record linkage)
  • Preparing custom analyses, maps and visualizations, optionally including interactivity and web hosting for broader access
  • Researching and summarizing the details of state and federal policy making and regulatory proceedings.
  • Quality controlling data for outliers, missing values, typographical errors, etc.
  • Image processing such as de-rotation, text detection/extraction (OCR), table detection/extraction

If you need help with a project that doesn’t fall under the above services, reach out and set up a time to chat with us! 

Our Data

We work with publicly available data, primarily from federal agencies. To see which data we have already integrated, and the data sets which we have already identified as priorities for future integration, please see Data We Wrangle, and our Public Utility Data Liberation project on GitHub.

Hourly Work: $155/hr

For well-defined projects serving commercial or NGO customers, we will work with the client to define the scope of work, and estimate the number of hours required to complete it. As of January, 2024, Catalyst charges $155/hour for hourly work.

We are committed to improving the accessibility and usability of public data, and creating open source software for working with this information. However, we recognize that there are times when private data and analysis are necessary in both advocacy and commercial applications, and so we will work with the client to appropriately tailor intellectual property considerations to the client’s needs.

Note: If you want to work with the data yourself, and just need a little help with the initial setup, please check out our documentation, search our existing Github issues, and feel free to open your own issue to ask a question if you aren’t finding the answers you need.

Grassroots Organizations

If you are a grassroots, primarily volunteer organization, student group, or other non-institutional group of activists, and need help wrangling data to support your work, we’d still like to be able to work with you! We may be able to offer you discounted or pro-bono support, or point you toward resources that will allow you to use our data to serve your needs. If you’d like to chat, consider joining us for our regularly scheduled Office Hours.

Contact Us

Want to get more information? Or set up a call to discuss your energy data wrangling project? Drop us a line at: hello@catalyst.coop.