EIA Form 861

EIA Form 861 is filed annually by utilities. It includes their total revenues, customer counts, and level of participation in various utility programs.

Benefits & Opportunities

EIA Form 861 provides useful metrics for evaluating utility deployment of foundational grid modernization technologies, and the level of customer engagement with customer facing programs. The reported energy efficiency savings could be used to determine the gross effectiveness of DSM programs over time for each utility. Sales by customer class and revenue by customer class could be used for a rough analysis of the equity and profitability of rate structures.

What is contained in the dataset?

  • Revenues, peak demand, electric sources, customers and balancing authorities for each utility.
  • Deployment rates of foundational grid modernization technology such as advanced meters, volt/var optimization, and home area network as well as customer participation in demand response programs, time of use pricing, and net metering.
  • Reliability indicators, including SAIDI and SAIFI.
  • This data is published annually as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Who would use it?

  • Users interested in understanding characteristics of electric utilities, especially deployment of various technologies and uptake of customer programs.